We assits banks, credit institutions and financial service providers in the design and negotiation of loan agreements and collateral orders. Theses include project and real estate financing, credit security and advise of bank consortia.

Another focal point in this field of consulting is the advise and representation in the case of the crises of the borrowing, in the restructuring and insolvency. We respresent the credit institutions out of court and in court in the enforcement of their claims and the realization of collateral. In this respect, we have many years of experience in the field of litigation.

We also advice companies on the design and negotiation of loan agreements and the provision of collateral.

Focal points in the area of litigation: respresentation of credit institions and financial service providers before state courts and arbitration tribunals; support and respresentation in extrajudicial negotiations; advisce, support and respresentation in the enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards in Germany and abroad.

Focuses in the area of financing: Acquisition and real estate financing; projekt financing; structured corporate finance, in particular for group financing with a view to the interface with the use of equity financing (eg. senior and junior tranches, subordinated loans, working capital loans, guarantees).

References: Creation and negotiation of lending orders within the scope of various group financings; many years of legal representation of major Swiss bank in northern Germany in numerous lawsuits.

Contact Person: Dr. Ingo Janert