Janert Rechtsanwälte
Janert Rechtsanwälte
Janert Rechtsanwälte

Practice Areas

Our team work in the following practice areas:

A. Banking

We accompany banks, credit institutions and financial service provider with the creation and negotiation of loan contracts (e.g. consortial agreement) and with the security order. These include project finance and real estate financing, loan securing and the consultation of bank consortium.

Another focus in this field of activity is on the consultation and representation in the case of crises of the borrower during his rehabilitation or insolvency. We represent the credit institutions extrajudicially as well as judicially and enforce their demands and the realisation of collateral. Futhermore we have long-time experience in conducting of a case.

Moreover we advise companies on the creation and negotiation of loan agreements and on the collateral provision.

B. Capital market law

We are partners of the financial service branch in capital market affairs.

Our advice is focused on the conception and projecting of capital market products of KAGB (e.g. closed public-AIF/ special-AIF) and of productive investments (e.g. subordinate loans, participation rights, registered bonds or direct investment). We construct the underlying service contracts for our clients and accompany the BaFin-proceeding of consent. In addition you are welcome to contact us if you have questions about the financial distribution law.

Futher we respresent vendors, issuers, marketing companies as well as banks and financial service provider in court. Insofar we have long-time experience in conducting of a case.

C. Company law

We advise companies in regard to (international) contract law, commercial law, company law as well as trademark law and competition law. Our clients profit from our know-how in the area of founding new partnerships and corporations and also restructuring or transformation of existing ones and in the area of winding-up. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the corporate everyday life.

Another main focus of our work is the extrajudicially and judicially representation in cases of enforcement and the defence of demands in court and arbitration. We have long-time experience in the area of conducting of a case.